From Here To Eternity

On Saturday 7 December 2013, to mark the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Military Wives Choir joined the cast of From Here To Eternity to perform a very special curtain call rendition of “The Boys of ’41”.

Nicky Scott from the Military Wives Choir said: ‘The themes of this poignant song are close to our hearts and it’s been an honour to perform it alongside such a talented company to commemorate this special anniversary. We’d like to thank everyone for giving us the opportunity to do this.’

Tim Rice said of the special performance: ‘The anthem that Stuart Brayson and I wrote for the Pearl Harbor invasion scenes in From Here to Eternity, Boys of ’41, is inspired by that dramatic event of over 70 years ago, but has found a contemporary resonance when sung so beautifully by the Military Wives Choir of today.’