I can’t wait for choir now, I just wish I had joined sooner!


We’ve lived in Helensburgh for two and half years now and I remember when the leaflets for choir came through the door, everyone was really excited including me, but I just thought, I can’t sing and the choir might not last long!

My friend Tilly has always been in the choir and I’ve always followed what they were doing and it was lovely to see them grow stronger and more successful. I still didn’t join as I didn’t think I would be able to commit properly as I had a young child and my husband was at sea.

In July 2012 we had a rough time as our daughter had been admitted to hospital with severe back pain. After an MRI scan they found a large tumour on her spinal cord and slight brain abnormalities. After numerous tests they diagnosed her with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 1. (NF-1).

This condition causes a massive range of problems, tumours to grow on or inside the body, learning difficulties, co-ordination problems and more. It was a horrible time for us and she had surgery to reduce the tumour and regular MRI scans to check what’s left isn’t growing. Joining the choir wasn’t even an option at this time as we were so focused on everything going on I didn’t have time for anything else.

We got back on track as a family and deal with everything as best we can. Numerous medical appointments and an uncertain future as we have no idea how badly our daughter will be affected with NF.

However, about 6 months ago Tilly told me about an open day for the Military Wives Choir and I reluctantly came along (Tilly is very persuasive!!) I listened to them sing and they sounded fantastic. I even joined in for a sing-a-long and it felt so liberating! I felt so happy and ‘high’ after! I’ve always listened to music every night as it’s a nice way to de stress, but joining the choir has also been a fabulous way for me to de stress and have some “me” time.

When I’m at choir I really enjoy myself and as an added bonus I get to meet new people! It’s given me something positive to focus on which most recently has been a god send as my daughter underwent a second surgery and is now week 5 into an 18 month chemotherapy treatment plan. The choir has been and continues to be a great support to me.

I look forward to taking part in the upcoming events and I actually can’t wait for Monday nights now. I just wish I had joined sooner!

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