Scottish Support for SSAFA

“The West of Scotland Military Wives Choir were honoured to perform for the annual SSAFA Bereaved Families Support Group’s (BFSG) conference. The forty strong choir sang a fifty minute upbeat set after the conference’s completion dinner, held at the Radisson Blu, Glasgow.  The audience, bereaved families of all ages, loved every minute and took great pleasure in participating – there was lots of dancing, singing and clapping!  The TAPS (Tragedy Assistant Program for Survivors) families from America were made extremely welcome with some classic American repertoire, and they also received a gift from the choir which they will proudly display in their HQ in Washington.”

The followbfsg-glasgowing letter was received by a member of staff at SSAFA following the wonderful performance by the MWC West of Scotland at the BFSG.

“The West of Scotland MWC led by Miriam were superb this weekend, delivering a spirited and individual performance to our BFSG. What I particularly liked is it was not the usual type of performance I had seen before. They included the audience actively, encouraging their participation, which they got! They were flexible, fitting in singing happy birthday to one of our founding members on her 70th. They also researched the audience singing American tunes for our TAPS visitors from the USA.

Bearing in mind they were playing to an audience whose loved ones went away and did not come back they sensitively adapted their programme to reflect this.

Miriam herself was charismatic and led the production with enthusiasm professionalism and confidence. A truly excellent performance all round.”



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