This is what choir means to me…

Women in the military community face a unique set of challenges linked to frequent family moves and the impact of operational deployment.

We asked the Dishforth Military Wives Choir what being a part of a Military Wives Choir means to them…

Dishforth 3 “I’m not a singer, but always wanted to be. Choir lets me do that. There are days that are just hard. Being a military wife is that sometimes, the obstacles and the heartache that brings.

Being with these ladies at choir makes those days easier. We don’t need to talk about those things, but sometimes there’s that one song you just struggle through, because those are the things your heart feels inside. Straight away those girls know, and they are there with tissues and hugs, you don’t need the words to explain! They just know!

I love how I’m part of this amazing group of ladies and I fit, we are one, and we are stronger together! I have something for me, something special and when I started I never quite knew how amazing it would be.”


Dishforth 5“Being able to do what I love and just be ‘Claire’ with a group of strong independent women and the very talented Malcolm, our accompanist! I am blessed to be part of Dishforth’s military wives choir. Every day you make me stronger and help me through the difficult times without even knowing.”

Dishforth 6
“My bad day disappearing in the arms of people who understand.”

“The feel good factor and the laughs we have.”




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“When I pick up a piece of music and listen, I very quickly become absorbed and at times moved by certain words. I find music and singing such a joy.”
Dishforth 4
“Somewhere I can be myself, together with a crazy bunch of some of the most wonderful friends I have ever met!”

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Today our 75 choirs make up a mutually supportive community that reaches across military bases and services to connect women, wherever they are based.

Our aim is to continue to bring women in the military community together so that they can find support, build friendships, develop new skills and, of course, enjoy singing!
Photos courtesy of Egan-Headley Photography

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