10 reasons to join a Military Wives Choir

1. You don’t have to be a singer to come along and have fun

“I had never sung in a choir before and I’m not the best but when we’re all singing together, it’s a lovely blend of voices so it doesn’t matter.”

Military Wives Choirs are open to anyone with a military connection – no experience or auditions are necessary so you don’t need to have sung before to join us. Lots of our ladies hadn’t sung since school before joining a MWC, but have now fallen in love with singing.  They see it more as a way of coming together, having fun and learning a new skill in a friendly and welcoming environment.

2. You can make new friends

“My Military Wives Choir has enriched my life beyond measure and given me the most precious friends.”

Families of service personnel move around frequently and it can be tough to put down roots or make new friends. Military Wives Choirs are fun and safe spaces, open to all women in the military community.  If you are new to an area, choir can be a great way of getting to know like-minded, friendly people who can make you feel at home.

3. You’ll get support from ladies who understand

“The ladies know what it’s like. You’ve basically got a second family and the love we share is strong. We become stronger together and that’s what our ethos is!”

As well as learning a skill and making friends, Military Wives Choirs give you the chance to share experiences with those who are in the same boat and who understand the often unpredictable nature of forces life. Choirs can become wider support networks.  We sing, we laugh and occasionally we cry, but most of all there’s no need to explain why you might be feeling down – the ladies just get it.

4. You’ll fall in love with performing

“Singing at events is an amazing feeling – you are literally on cloud nine when you have finished a performance.”

The best thing about being in a choir is the fun and friendship you will find each week in your local rehearsal sessions. However, often your rehearsals may be gearing up for performances to the public. This can feel quite scary initially but often, our choir ladies find themselves falling in love with performing. Being a part of the Military Wives Choirs network also means you may sometimes be offered the chance to take part in special experiences and performances in stunning locations and often with other choirs.

5. If you move, you can still be part of the MWC network

“We’re on the move again this summer and because of the choir network I’m already in touch with the new choir, so I can start meeting people straight away and not worry about not knowing anyone.”

Forces life can be very changeable and often, families may move to a completely new part of the country unexpectedly. With over 70 Military Wives Choirs across the UK and abroad sharing core repertoire, you can step into a new choir and instantly feel a level of familiarity, so you know that the choir can be a constant in your life.

6. You can feel connected to the your local community

“Our events team work really hard to integrate and work with the local community to give something back.”

Often choirs get the opportunity to go out and about performing to their local communities, meaning that you can establish a connection and level of pride knowing that you are giving something back and getting to know your local community whilst enjoying performing.

7. You get to eat lots of cake!

“I would definitely recommend the Military Wives Choir to anyone. It boosts your confidence, you’ll have loads of laughs and you get to eat lots of cake!”

A key theme across the Military Wives Choirs network is cake! There’s always time in rehearsals to tuck in to a slice of home-made Victoria Sponge and have a cuppa and a natter at the same time, so you’re sure to get your sugar fix.

8. Singing is really good for your health & wellbeing

“Singing as part of my choir has fantastic benefits to my health. I can honestly say I come away feeling great every time!”

It has been scientifically proven that singing is linked to endorphin release, a hormone that gives you that post-singing “buzz” people talk about, and also to a reduction in cortisol (a stress hormone) after just one hour of singing.  Many studies have shown that choirs can help your mental wellbeing on a long term basis by alleviating anxiety and depression.  Early indications also show that singing could have a long term benefit on your physical health, so you’ll be feeling great as well as sounding great!

9. Feel more confident

“Choir really boosts the confidence of a lot of military wives. It can get you out of your comfort zone which means you might be more likely to go for a new job or do something new in the rest of your life.”

It’s always great to try something new and often our ladies find that taking that step to join their local Military Wives Choir really builds the confidence which they might have lost from constantly relocating.

10. You can take time for yourself

“Choir for me means acceptance, time for myself and a great social life!”

Our choir ladies are often very busy people, juggling all aspects of life, sometimes single-handedly. Military Wives Choirs are that fun and safe space where you can let your hair down, sing your heart out and take time for yourself for once.

Come along to a rehearsal near you – we would love you to join us!


For more information and to find your nearest Military Wives Choir, visit www.militarywiveschoirs.org/choirs, email info@militarywiveschoirs.org or call 020 7463 9407.