Charlie, currently serving & member of Digby MWC

Charlie has been part of the Army for five years but wasn’t aware that you could join a Military Wives Choir if you are serving. She wishes she had known sooner:


“I am a Corporal who has been in the army for five years. Being female and in the forces is lonely sometimes as it’s a very male dominated environment. There are very few other ladies to hang out or share hobbies with so you have to seek things out which are outside of work.

I first saw the Digby Military Wives Choir performing at a family day held on camp. They sounded brilliant and looked like they were having loads of fun so it really peaked my interest. I have always had a passion for singing but I wasn’t aware that you could join a Military Wives Choir as a member of serving personnel. Therefore, it wasn’t until after I married my husband who is also in the army that I thought about joining. I wish I had known sooner!

The choir is a great opportunity to do something I love whilst hanging out with other women who have a shared interest. I feel like I can let my hair down, both figuratively and literally, and enjoy the relaxed, fun atmosphere. Everyone has a military connection so they are all really understanding about everything that goes with being in the army.

I recently injured myself badly while away and the ladies were all incredibly supportive and cheered me up, not only in weekly rehearsals, but also outside of the choir room as many of them have bCharlie quoteecome good friends.

I would definitely recommend joining a Military Wives Choir, particularly to serving women. It offers something different to the usual sporting activities on military camps and it doesn’t even matter if you’re not the best singer as there aren’t any auditions to worry about, it’s open to everyone. My Military Wives Choir is a great way to come together with other women – I’m very glad that I’m a member.”

If Charlie’s story has inspired you to join, find your local choir here and get in touch with them, or contact 

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